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How to use freeze panes feature in Microsoft Excel to keep an area on spreadsheet always visible
A major issue usually faced by people while working with a lot of spreadsheet data is remembering which row and column represents what data. Now, remembering something in a small spreadsheet is not an issue. However, we are talking about over 10 rows and columns at a time where once you start scrolling through data, the header row or column disappears and makes it hard to figure out which row or column represents what value.
This can not only lead to errors, but scrolling up and down repeatedly can also become quite frustrating. However, this issue can easily be fixed by simply freezing the rows and columns to always show on the top throughout the spreadsheet and here’s how to do it.
How to freeze a rows/columns in Microsoft Excel


Open any spreadsheet in Excel


Now, click on View option from the titlebar


Select View option and click on Freeze Panes button


From the drop down menu choose Freeze First Column or Freeze First Row as per your chose


You can also freeze the first two rows or columns by selecting the entire third row/column and clicking on Freeze Panes option.

How to unfreeze rows/columns in Microsoft Excel
To unfreeze panes, head to View ->View option -> Unfreeze panes.


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