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China could bring first Mars samples to Earth before NASA

China is aiming to bring the first rock samples from Mars to Earth in 2031, two years before NASA plans to perform the coveted feat. The ambitious Tianwen-3 sample return mission was outlined this week by Sun Zezhou, chief designer of China’s current Mars orbiter and rover mission, SpaceNews reported on Monday. To achieve the […]

5 best prison movies if you liked Spiderhead

Director Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) and actor Miles Teller (The Offer) are leaving the Navy and heading to prison in Netflix’s Spiderhead, which is now available to watch on the streaming service. At the Spiderhead penitentiary, inmates volunteer to test various chemicals on their bodies in exchange for shorter prison times. These chemicals alter the […]

As Dusk Falls is like Xbox’s own spin on Black

As Dusk Falls looks and plays unlike anything Xbox Game Studios has published before. Because this game, Pentiment, and Grounded are currently Xbox Game Studios’ only titles slated to release this year, a lot of pressure is on As Dusk Falls to impress. But trailers haven’t done a fantastic job at showing just what As […]

4 underrated ways the OnePlus 10 Pro is so easy

The most powerful 12GB/256GB version of the OnePlus 10 Pro is now available to buy in the U.S. and at a tempting price. But our review noted the software isn’t always as stress-free as some of its rivals. Does this mean the phone should be overlooked? I’ve lived with the OnePlus 10 Pro since its […]

Beer maker transforms brewing waste into denim jeans

A Japanese beer maker is using upcycling technology to turn waste products from the brewing process into blue jeans, winning the company new fans in the process. While brewing by-products such as malt dregs are often discarded, Sapporo Breweries recently learned that the sediment can also be transformed into clothing, Nikkei Asia reported. Sapporo Breweries […]

‘Is he … you know?’: Literature’s best queer-coded characters

As the media landscape broadens and new platforms are created to consume content, LGBTQ+ films and TV shows are becoming more prominent. Numerous queer-themed films and television shows are available on streaming services, while many LGBTQ+ documentaries shine a light on the struggles and victories of our community. Teen-focused LGBTQ+ content is also becoming more […]

Two rocky super-Earths discovered just 33 light-years away

Researchers using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) have discovered two rocky exoplanets in a system in our cosmic backyard, located just 33 light-years from Earth. These are some of the closest rocky planets discovered to date, orbiting around a small, cool star called HD 260655. The two planets are of a type called a […]

Lego Brawls pushes the boundaries of what a Smash Bros.

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series single-handedly created the platform fighter subgenre of fighting games. As such, a lot of games try to replicate its formula almost completely, especially mechanics like the wavedash from Super Smash Bros. Melee. While the makers of many Smash clones seem to feel like they need to be exactly like Nintendo’s […]

Are the Star Wars prequels actually good?

Ten years ago, great jubilation arose among the Star Wars faithful when Disney acquired Lucasfilm and subsequently announced Star Wars sequels featuring the original trilogy characters. Finally, we could move past the sins of the prequel trilogy — Episodes I, II, and III, all written and directed by George Lucas — with “real” Star Wars […]

Hubble Space Telescope finds destructive white dwarf ripping apart planetary

When stars run out of fuel and come to the end of their lives, the biggest ones explode in huge supernovas. But smaller stars go through a different change in which they throw off portions of their mass, creating a planetary nebula around them and leaving a small, dense core called a white dwarf. Like […]