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What Trump’s Twitter and Clinton’s Sax Have in Common

This was a strategy that Clinton embraced throughout his presidency, motivated in part by Thomas Patterson’s landmark 1993 book, Out of Order, which documented overwhelming negativity in traditional news outlets’ political coverage, along with findings such as a steady decline in the amount of newscast time in which politicians spoke relative to journalists. Such findings […]

HiMirror Slide Review: A Smart Mirror for Your Makeup or

Juggling YouTube on a phone, applying makeup, and looking in a mirror at the same time can be a royal pain. Sometimes, the makeup artist I’m watching moves too fast, leaving me with foundation all over the screen in my frantic attempt to rewind. Well, there’s a more effortless solution: the HiMirror Slide. It’s dubbed […]

HP’s Exemplary Reaction to COVID-19

This story was originally published on April 27, 2020. As a result of popularity, it is presented today as part of our Best of ECT News series. Some of the corporate responses to COVID-19 make me incredibly happy I don’t work for a large company anymore. Some of the troubling reports from other companies include […]

Austrumi Linux Is Loaded With Language Laziness

The world of Linux operating systems can fill a new user with high expectations only to be met with glaring disappointment in a later reunion. That describes my experience with a Linux distro not well known beyond Europe, Austrumi Linux 2.2.9. I first stumbled on Austrumi Linux last year and was immediately drawn to its […]

Uber extends mask requirement for drivers, riders, launches new campaign

Uber Technologies Inc has extended indefinitely a requirement for drivers and riders on its platform to wear a face covering or mask and launched a new campaign video to educate users about the policy. The company began requiring masks on May 18 and on Wednesday extended the policy, which was originally slated to run out […]

Apple to re-close more stores in seven US states, bringing

Apple Inc said it would re-close more than two dozen stores in seven states starting Thursday, including its home state of California, bringing total closures to 77 as coronavirus cases continue to rise. The stores will close in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada and Oklahoma, it said on Wednesday, when additional stores had already closed […]

Prime Minister Modi Shuts Weibo Account After China App Ban

Sina Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter, said it has deleted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s account at the request of the Indian embassy, as tensions between the two countries continue to simmer over a border skirmish. Since posting on Sina Weibo the first time in 2015 during a visit to China, PM Modi has been an […]

WhatsApp Getting Animated Stickers, QR Codes, Group Video Call Improvements

WhatsApp on Tuesday announced a number of new features that will be making their way to the Android, iPhone, KaiOS, and Web versions of the chat app. WhatsApp for Android and iPhone will get features such as animated stickers and QR codes along with an improved group video calling functionality over the coming weeks. The Facebook-owned […]

Google discontinues the Pixel 3A and 3A XL

Google has discontinued its mid-range Pixel 3A and 3A XL smartphones, the company announced today (via Android Police). “Google Store has sold through its inventory and completed sales of Pixel 3A,” Google said in a statement to The Verge. “For people who are still interested in buying Pixel 3A, the product is available from some […]

Dark Sky delays shutdown of Android app until August 1st

Popular weather app Dark Sky, now owned by Apple, is keeping its doors open on Android for a little longer. The company said on Wednesday in an update on its website that it plans to keep the Android version going until August 1st, after initially announcing it would shut it down today, on July 1st. […]