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NASA’s Giant SLS Rocket Is One Step Closer to Launch

NASA engineers finally tanked the massive Space Launch System rocket with fuel Monday night, getting through most of the last crucial test before its inaugural flight. After reviewing their trove of data from the test, the team will decide this summer’s launch date for the world’s most powerful rocket, part of the first major mission […]

Didi makes privacy fixes to ousted apps in run-up to

Chinese ride-hailing firm Didi Global is making final updates to address cybersecurity concerns on its apps that were ousted from domestic app stores last year, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday, citing two sources familiar with the matter. The fixes focus on data compliance, especially to observe multiple new rules on privacy protection […]

Google resolves copyright dispute in France over online content

Alphabet unit Google has committed to resolving a copyright dispute in France over online content, the country’s antitrust authority said on Tuesday, as pressure mounts for big tech platforms to share more of their revenue with news outlets. Google, owned by Alphabet, also dropped its appeal against a 500 million euro ($528 million) fine, the […]

Cryptocurrency exchange Vauld lays off 30% of workforce

Cryptocurrency exchange Vauld on Tuesday said it has decided to reduce its headcount by about 30 per cent, as the global crypto market nosedives amid volatile market conditions. Darshan Bathija, Co-founder and CEO of Vauld platform, said that the workforce reduction impacts every team in the organisation “with a bias towards our marketing and talent […]

Samsung’s 75-inch Neo QLED TV is down to its lowest

The Verge Deals team is back in action this week, serving up some excellent savings from across the internet. If you’ve been biding your time on buying a new high-end TV, you may want to check out this day-long discount on the 75-inch model of Samsung’s QN85B Neo QLED TV, which is selling for its […]

GitHub’s AI-powered Copilot will help you write code for $10

Microsoft-owned GitHub is launching its Copilot AI tool today, which helps suggest lines of code to developers inside their code editor. GitHub originally teamed up with OpenAI last year to launch a preview of Copilot, and it’s generally available to all developers today. Priced at $10 per month or $100 a year, GitHub Copilot is […]

Here Comes the Sun—to End Civilization

To date, however, American utility companies haven’t widely deployed current-blocking devices to the live grid. “They’ve only done things, like moving to higher and higher operating voltages”—for cheaper transmission—“that greatly magnify their vulnerability to these storms,” Kappenman tells me. Tom Berger, former director of the US government’s Space Weather Prediction Center, also expressed doubts about […]

Chris Evans Says Would Love to Return for MCU’s Fantastic

Chris Evans is interested in reprising his role as Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch from the 2005 superhero movie Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, as the character didn’t quite get its due back in the day. Moreover, he would prefer this over another run as Captain America, […]

Teenage Pulsar Reveals Itself to Astronomers, Possibly the Strongest Ever

Astronomers have made an exciting new discovery, identifying a newborn pulsar that may possibly be only 14 years old. Scientists were finally able to observe the pulsar after the dense debris and bright energy emissions from the supernova explosion that created the pulsar finally thinned enough. This celestial formation is known as a pulsar wind […]

Vodafone’s One for One Program Will Bring Old Phones Back

An unfortunate consequence of our collective lust for shiny new gadgets is a growing mountain (sometimes literally) of electronic waste. Far too many of our devices are difficult to recycle, and so much of our e-waste ends up in landfills, where toxic chemicals may seep into the ground and pollute the local water supply. The […]