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GM is cutting off access to Apple CarPlay and Android

General Motors’ electric future doesn’t include Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The automaker’s upcoming lineup of electric vehicles won’t support the popular smartphone projection systems in favor of a native Google infotainment system. The move, first reported by Reuters, means that owners won’t be able to project their phone’s screen on their vehicle’s dashboard infotainment […]

Vampire Survivors’ new fantasy-themed expansion launches in April for just

Vampire Survivors is getting a second expansion, and like the previous one, it will cost $2. The new fantasy-themed DLC, Tides of the Foscari, includes eight new characters, 13 weapons, and a new stage, and it comes out on April 13th. Developer Poncle is already teasing characters like a mage and a swordsman as well […]

How to Back Up Your Digital Life (2023): Hard Drives,

One nice thing about buying a drive for backing up your data is that you don’t need to worry about drive speed. Even a slow 5,400-rpm drive is fine. These slower drives are cheaper, and since the backup software runs in the background, you probably won’t notice the slower speed. Get the largest backup drive […]

The Internet Archive’s Literary Civil War

A lesson I learned early in life: never piss off a librarian. Apparently District Court Judge John G. Koetl skipped out on a formative traumatic-shushing experience, because his recent ruling against the Internet Archive, a beloved digital library nonprofit, has riled up the biblio-archivist community.  Some brief background: During the early days of Covid lockdowns, […]

Meta Wins Lawsuit Against Photo Software Application Startup Phhhoto in

A US judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit against Meta Platforms Inc that alleged its Facebook social media business drove a now-defunct photo software application startup out of business in violation of federal antitrust law. US District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto in Brooklyn, New York, federal court said in her 67-page order that Phhhoto Inc had […]

Paris Fell in Love With Escooters. Now It Might Ban

Atop my escooter, I am a human in a city of apes. With my back straight, I tower above my fellow road-users who are hunched over car steering wheels and bike handles. This newfound poise, however, lasts for only seconds at a time. At junctions, it is replaced by another emotion: the fear of being […]

Apple’s iOS 16.4: Security Updates Are Better Than a Goose

Meanwhile, researchers at Google’s Project Zero have reported 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in Exynos Modems made by Samsung. The four most severe—CVE-2023-24033, CVE-2023-26496, CVE-2023-26497, and CVE-2023-26498—allow internet-to-baseband remote code execution, the researchers wrote in a blog. “Tests conducted by Project Zero confirm that the four vulnerabilities allow an attacker to remotely compromise a phone at the baseband level […]

iQoo Z7x 5G Global Variant Reportedly Spotted on Geekbench; May

iQoo Z7x 5G is tipped to launch in India in April. The smartphone launched in China earlier this month with a Snapdragon 695 5G SoC and a 6,000mAh battery with 80W fast charging support. There have been leaks and reports about the global variant of the iQoo Z7x. A new report suggests that the phone […]

E3 isn’t coming back

E3 2023 is cancelled, and the gaming industry is mourning. Like my colleague Ash Parrish, I’ve always wanted to go, but don’t think I’ll ever get the chance; the industry has changed enough that it’s probably not coming back. Even E3’s organizers don’t seem optimistic. The Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA)  president and CEO completely dodged […]

Y’all, this laptop is too much

Every so often I receive one of these bizarre little computers that Asus has done in collaboration with someone or other, and my senses are ever so slightly overwhelmed. They made one with an animated exploding head on the lid. There was one that turned into a DJ deck. There was one covered in dogs. […]