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Neopets is launching open beta for a new mobile site

The beloved online game Neopets is launching an open beta for a new mobile site, the company announced on Twitter Friday. “The Neopets Mobile Beta has arrived! Now you can explore the breathtaking land of Neopia from the palm of your hand!” the very excited company tweeted. In a video posted to Twitter, Neopets brand […]

‘I don’t regret not pursuing higher studies’

In early 2002, after graduating from JNTU Hyderabad with a degree in electronics and communication engineering, Radhika Tamvada aspired to follow it up with a master’s degree. She had received offers from multiple universities in the US. “But my parents were reluctant,” she says. “Although they were incredibly supportive of my ambitions, it was not […]

Why techies should contribute to open source, take part in

Unlike other sectors, technology has shown great resilience to the Covid outbreak and its impact on livelihoods, said Sachin Gupta, co-founder & CEO of HackerEarth, while talking last week at the Times Techies Webinars’ session on ‘Top tech skills required for developers to be job-ready in the post-Covid world’. “Covid has forced a lot of […]

How India’s trying to indigenise chip fabrication

This subject may sound more esoteric than others we have dealt with in our Made in India columns, but it is an area of huge importance to the country, if it is to reduce its overwhelming dependence on electronics imports. It is about photoresists, which are essential raw materials for electronic chip fabrication. Photoresists are […]

What Apple Password Manager Resources project means for iPhone, iPad

San Francisco: In a bid to help developers create stronger passwords for its users, Apple has created a new open source project called Password Manager Resources. Available on open source repository GitHub, the project would help developers of password managers collaborate to create strong passwords that are compatible with popular websites, the company said in […]

Intel hires Tim McDonough as VP, GM of client computing

San Francisco: Business-to-business marketing veteran Tim McDonough has joined Intel as the vice president and general manager of marketing for consumer and business PCs. Prior to joining Intel, McDonough worked in organisations like Unity Technologies, Innovid, Forcepoint LLC, Qualcomm and Microsoft. “Today, the PC has expanded beyond the device where we work or game. It’s […]

Archaeologists Discover the Largest, Oldest Maya Monument Yet

As far as we had determined, it took another few centuries, until around 350 BCE, for those early Maya villages to coalesce into the large city-states of the Classic Period. These were political, economic, and ceremonial centers that dominated the surrounding farmland and smaller communities, ruled by elite classes and boasting tall pyramids. Before that, […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite to Launch in India on

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite will launch in India on June 8, an Amazon India listing suggests. The e-commerce site has published a dedicated page teasing the start of pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, and has even made the ‘Notify Me’ button live. The South Korean company has also started taking registrations […]

The Verge’s 17 favorite kitchen gadgets

When you’re stuck at home because of pandemics, bad weather, or just because you don’t feel like going out, there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking something really fantastic. Even if you’re not an experienced or enthusiastic cook, sometimes it’s really satisfying to create a new and tasty dish for you, your friends, and / or […]

India Is Using More Solar Energy—but It Carries a Lead

“When a battery becomes old, the lead comes out in the form of lead sulfate and corrodes,” said Amod Pokhrel, a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health. If particles from those corroding batteries end up on the floors of nearby houses, Pokhrel says, young children could get exposed to them. […]