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Which iPhone 15 Model Should You Buy?

The iPhone 15 is here, and it comes with quite a few drastic changes. The 11-year-old Lightning charging port has been replaced by USB-C, the notorious notch at the top of the screen has disappeared to make way for the Dynamic Island, and on the iPhone 15 Pro models the long-lived mute switch has been […]

Where to preorder the new Surface Laptop Studio 2 and

Although the forthcoming laptops look similar in design to their predecessors, the new Surface devices arrive with upgraded processors, better battery life, and other minor spec bumps. We’ve yet to fully test either laptop, but if you want to preorder them ahead of their official release, you can already do so via various retailers. Here’s […]

Unity May Never Win Back the Developers It Lost in

Since its launch in 2005, Unity’s goal has been to “democratize” game development by making it more accessible. In 2018, CEO John Riccitiello claimed that Unity is used by “pretty much half of all games, period.” As Strange Scaffold founder Xalavier Nelson Jr. notes, it’s a “simple, versatile, very powerful tool” that allows a variety […]

iFixit tears down… Apple’s FineWoven cases

There are some incredible zoomed-in photos of the fabric, for example; that black thing in a post from iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens is a human hair included for scale! Another photo shows how the fibers are affected when cut by a knife — it’s not pretty. iFixit also put the new cases to the stain […]

‘Majority’ Imagines Internet Hate Mobs to the Extreme

Abby Goldsmith’s science fiction novel Majority tells the story of a group of young people from Earth who get abducted by the Torth, a galaxy-spanning civilization ruled by merciless telepaths. “There’s a galactic empire, and these people are all neurally, superluminally connected,” Goldsmith says in Episode 550 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. […]

Inside the Race to Stop a Deadly Viral Outbreak in

On the morning of September 11, critical care specialist Anoop Kumar was presented with an unusual situation. Four members of the same family had been admitted to his hospital—Aster MIMS in Kozhikode, Kerala—the previous day, all similarly sick. Would he take a look? He gathered his team of doctors to investigate. Soon they were at […]

The iPhone 15 lineup has arrived, and here’s everything you

About the iPhone 15 Pro’s battery limits. In response to a question from MacRumors writer Joe Rossignol during our iPhone 15 Pro Q&A, our reviewer Allison Johnson listed off the options from their charging menu, including one clearly labeled “80 percent limit,” which you’d think would mean a hard stop to reduce wear and tear […]

Climate Week NYC: news and protests surrounding the UN Climate

Actors add their support to end fossil fuels. Edward Norton, Jane Fonda, Mark Ruffalo, Rosario Dawson, Alyssa Milano, Marisa Tomei, and Alicia Silverstone are among the actors who joined some 700 activists and organizations that signed a letter urging President Joe Biden to phase out fossil fuels. The letter comes ahead of a ‘March to […]

Samsung Galaxy A05 Design, Colour Options Leaked; Could Come in

Samsung Galaxy A04 will reportedly get a successor soon, with the upcoming Galaxy A05 smartphone. The purported Samsung’s new phone’s design renders and colour options have recently been leaked along with a few other key details. The smartphone is tipped to come in three colour options and could sport a dual rear camera setup. The […]

Baldur’s Gate 3 ‘Big’ Third Patch Finally Lets You Change

Baldur’s Gate 3 is prepared to receive its massive third patch, which will finally allow players to change their in-game character’s appearance. Fans have been desperately requesting this feature since launch, and it’s scheduled to go live later tonight, September 22, alongside fixes for the performance issues in the densely-populated Act 3 segment. When the […]