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How to back up your Apple Watch

No one likes to lose data, so in this guide, we’re going to show you how to back up your Apple Watch, whether it be an Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4, or an older model. The best way to think about your Apple Watch is as an extension of your iPhone, rather than a […]

How to photograph a silhouette and master the dark side

A good photograph doesn’t always have every detail perfectly lit. Silhouette photography obscures the details and instead emphasizes shape and form.  Photographing a silhouette isn’t necessarily difficult, but the auto mode on your camera won’t help you. In fact, automatic exposure is generally designed to prevent silhouettes. The best way to shoot a silhouette is […]

How to use freeze panes feature in Microsoft Excel to

A major issue usually faced by people while working with a lot of spreadsheet data is remembering which row and column represents what data. Now, remembering something in a small spreadsheet is not an issue. However, we are talking about over 10 rows and columns at a time where once you start scrolling through data, […]

How to remove duplicates in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful document processing tool especially when it comes to making reports, calculations and storing a database for any particular project. However, at times, while creating an excel spreadsheet people often face challenges and make errors due to duplicate values in your data. Thankfully, Microsoft Excel comes with a feature that […]

How to adopt your next pet safely and virtually

All across the country, people are finding ways to adapt to our new stay-at-home normal, and for some, that means adopting a furry friend. Shelters in the US have reported an increase in adoptions since the start of the pandemic, some of which have had to create waitlists or pause applications until they can rescue […]

How to save battery life on your iPhone

Over the years, Apple has improved the battery life of its iPhones. However, when the iPhone gets slightly old, the battery performance does see a dip. Apple has given some tips to users on its official website on how to save battery life on your iPhone. Here are the tips that you may follow to […]

How to use offline mode in Google Drive, Docs and

Using cloud-based services such as Google Drive offers the convenience of accessing the documents, files and folders from anywhere using any device. However, there are times when we face signal issues or patchy internet connection while downloading an important file or working on an urgent document. Thankfully, Google Drive, Docs and Sheets come with an […]

How to Solve WiFi Speed and Connection Problems

By Jack M. GermainMay 14, 2020 10:49 AM PT In theory, all you need is a shiny new router for hassle-free wireless connections in your home or small office. Yet in practice, your wireless reception often will be plagued with interference issues. Interference can cause slow delivery, higher latency than hardwired connections, frequent disconnects and […]

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android, iPhone

WhatsApp has a tonne of good features but one thing that’s still missing is the ability to schedule WhatsApp messages. If you want to remember to wish someone on their birthday or just want to send a message during working hours instead of pinging someone in the middle of the night, scheduling messages helps a […]

How to convert handwritten texts into digital copy using Google

Google has added a new feature to Google Lens that allows users to copy and paste their handwritten notes or texts and convert into digital copy. According to the company, Google Lens can now detect and identify the letters from the handwritten text, convert them into digital version and users can also send it to […]