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Watch the new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet that just

Christopher Nolan, one of Hollywood’s biggest proponents of the theatrical experience, is the latest director to see his movie get the Fortnite treatment. The latest trailer for his upcoming film Tenet debuted in Fortnite on Thursday. Although very little about the film is actually known, Tenet is described as a movie set within the world […]

John Krasinski’s adorable YouTube series ‘Some Good News’ is moving

ViacomCBS is licensing John Krasinski’s heartwarming weekly YouTube series Some Good News, making a once totally free and accessible show now locked behind a streaming paywall. New episodes of Some Good News will stream exclusively on ViacomCBS’s streaming service, CBS All Access, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Krasinski, however, will no longer host the show. […]

26 Surprising Tips to Master ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

I’ve been an Animal Crossing fan for 19 years, so you can say things are pretty serious. New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is, in my opinion, the best version of the game yet. With my extensive (OK, obsessive) knowledge of the series, I’m always fielding questions about the newest game. So I decided to […]

PUBG PC Gets Bots, Ranked Mode, and More With Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) PC has received the latest 7.2 update, which will bring bots to online PC servers, along with a much-awaited Ranked Mode. This is being considered as a big update for the famous battle royale game, as the Ranked Mode has been a much awaited feature, after other similar games like Fortnite and […]

Apple TV Plus nabs Tom Hanks’ new movie from Sony

Apple is joining other streamers in becoming a foster home for movies that studios are looking to unload in the middle of this global pandemic. Tom Hanks’ Greyhound will land on Apple TV Plus (there’s no release date yet), but the film was originally reserved for a theatrical release by Sony Pictures. The movie is […]

Netflix’s ‘Have a Good Trip’ Celebrates Psychedelics

The stark honesty and deeply personal nature of these celebrity stories of being under the influence of psychedelics provide a big part of the film’s appeal. “They’re sober when they’re telling their stories, so it’s real reflection,” said Cary. “They’re very intimate, because this is a taboo subject, but they’re also doubly intimate because they’re […]

‘Crucible’, Amazon’s First Big-Budget Game, Arrives Wednesday

Amazon enters the crowded games industry in full force Wednesday with its release of Crucible, the first big-budget PC game to come from Amazon Game Studios. Crucible is a promising mainstream introduction for the eight-year-old studio, which until now has had a large question mark hanging over its head. Crucible is a third-person team shooter […]

Now Is the Best Time for Videogame Reboots

In popular culture, nostalgia is paramount. This has been true for decades, manifesting in reunion specials for beloved television shows and Twitter dustups over Star Wars. Lately, though, nostalgia has tightened its grip on one segment of the cultural realm in particular: videogames. Retro games have always had a following, but as many recent releases […]

Disney streaming chief Kevin Mayer resigns to become TikTok CEO

Kevin Mayer is leaving his post as the head of Disney’s streaming efforts to become the CEO of the shortform video app TikTok, Disney announced today. He will also become the COO of TikTok’s owner, ByteDance. “Kevin has had an extraordinary impact on our company over the years, most recently as head of our direct-to-consumer […]

Streaming this week: Patton Oswalt on Netflix, ‘The Great’ on

If you’re caught up on all your binge watching (my current obsession is The Good Fight because a) Diane’s wardrobe and b) what the hell is Memo 618?!) and need something new to stream, here are five options coming to streaming platforms this week, including a new standup show from Patton Oswalt and the season […]