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There Can Be No Compromise In the Trump vs. Twitter

As usual, only the littlest mouse was brave enough to put a bell around the cat. On Tuesday it was Tiny Twitter, not fearsome Facebook or ubiquitous YouTube, that moved to hold the president of the United States to account for his unhinged rants on social media. The platform had its choice of tirades to […]

Women Have Always Worked From Home

The hard truth is that men still want housewives. In the past several decades, as women’s employment has risen to match men’s, men have not proportionately increased their share of work on the home front. In fact, certain attitudes seem to be regressing. Even men who consider themselves progressive and are vocally comfortable with the […]

From bikes to blockchain: Shipping industry goes digital in lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has accelerated a digitalisation drive in a global shipping and logistics sector that still routinely delivers many documents by bike messenger in some countries, according to industry leaders. Ports operator DP World said on Thursday it would join shipping company Maersk and other peers in a blockchain platform aimed at limiting the […]

The best Facebook Portal tips and tricks

Facebook wasn’t going to be left out of the smart display game. The Portal (and the Portal+, Portal mini, etc.) is a social-focused device that encourages video calls and keeps you updated on the latest Facebook news. For Facebook fans, it has become a serious smart device contender, and you can read what we think […]

Whoooaaa Duuuuude: Why We Stretch Words in Tweets and Texts

On Twitter, when a simple ha won’t do, there’s always hahahaaaa, haaaahaaaa, or even hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, indicating you’ve just read the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. (Or that you’re a sarcastic talking raccoon.) These are known as stretchable or lengthened words, and now researchers from the University of Vermont have figured out just how pervasive they […]

High in the Alps, Giant Blankets Slow a Glacier’s Ice

For 150 years tourists have been traveling to the town of Belvédère, high in the Alps of southern Switzerland, for the chance to walk inside a glacier. Around 1870, a local family had the idea of digging a shallow, 100-meter tunnel into the side of the Rhône Glacier, one of Europe’s largest. Paying visitors could […]

Necessity May Give Us a Virtual Court System

One of the exciting things that came out of Microsoft Build during the analyst preview was that the company has been working to create virtual court solutions. I spend a surprisingly large amount of time following court cases and sitting in courtrooms. If done right, a virtual system could fix a lot of court-related problems. […]

Now’s The Perfect Time to Start Using a Password Manager

Odds are that you, like the rest of us, are spending more time in front of a computer than you used to. You’re probably not looking for another addition to your digital to-do list, but allow me to make one humble recommendation: Get started with a password manager. Now is a perfect time. Here’s why: […]

Parallel Universe Discovered? No, NASA Hasn’t Found a Universe Where

Is there a parallel universe where time runs backwards? That is what many news reports seem to be suggesting, attributing the “finding” to NASA scientists. While this has certainly made a whole lot of people excited but in reality, this is far from the truth. In fact, scientists have just found evidence of high-energy particles […]

How big unions smooth the way for Amazon worker protests

Warehouse employees last month staged a walkout in Michigan to demand safer working conditions at their facility. So did workers in New York, Illinois and Minnesota. These and other Amazon.com Inc employees across the country are seizing on the coronavirus to demand the world’s largest online retailer offer more paid sick time and temporarily shut […]